Private label beer refers to beer that is brewed by EGS/EUROPA PRIVATE LABELS) but is sold under another company’s brand name. This allows retailers or businesses to offer their own unique beer products without the need to operate their own brewing facilities. Private label beers can vary in terms of flavor profiles, styles, and packaging to suit the branding and preferences of the retailer.

Retailers or businesses often collaborate with breweries to create custom beer recipes, labels, and packaging that align with their brand image. Private label beers can be a way for retailers to differentiate themselves in the market and offer exclusive products to their customers.

Beer is a powerful long-established market with a long tradition and great diversity. Regardless of that, we can observe all the time the entry of smaller players, local brands and brands looking for a particular client. Some time ago there has been a beer flavored with low alcohol content, which seem to be a response to rising brewers RTD beverage category. There are also non-alcoholic beers for those not consuming alcohol.

As in any industry, in this field there are Private Label products, with greater or lesser extent of occurrence.










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