Water Private Label

Private label water involves creating customized bottled water products that are sold under a retailer’s or brand’s name. Bottled water is a popular beverage choice, and private labeling allows businesses to offer their own unique and branded water products without the need for water purification and bottling facilities.

Here’s an overview of the private label process for bottled water:

  1. Source Selection: Choose a reliable and high-quality source of natural spring water or purified water. The source of the water is a key factor in the quality and taste of the final product.
  2. Bottle Design: Design the bottle label, packaging, and branding to reflect your retailer’s or brand’s identity. Clear and visually appealing labels can help your bottled water stand out.
  3. Bottling Process: The chosen bottling facility will fill and seal the water bottles according to your specifications. This may include selecting bottle sizes, cap types, and labeling methods.
  4. Quality Assurance: Implement quality control measures to ensure that the bottled water meets safety and regulatory standards. Regular testing may be conducted to monitor water quality.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that your bottled water products comply with relevant food safety, labeling, and packaging regulations.
  6. Distribution: Distribute the private label bottled water to your retail locations, events, or other sales channels.

Private label bottled water is a versatile product that can serve as a promotional tool, a retail product, or a branded item for special events. Emphasize the purity and quality of your water source to appeal to health-conscious consumers.


Product Description Mineral Water lt per item items per box boxes/pallet
Natural Mineral Water 0,5l Pet(1X6) film122463
Natural Mineral Water 0,5l Pet(1X6) film36262
Natural Mineral Water 0,33l Pet(1X24) film 82490
Natural Mineral Water 0,33l glass (1×12) film 412126
ZARO’S Natural Mineral Water 0,75l Pet (1X12) film 91290
Natural Mineral Water 0,75l Pet sport (1X12) film91290
Natural Mineral Water 1l Pet (1X12) film HORECA121260
Natural Mineral Water 1l Pet (1X12) film NEW 121260
Natural Mineral Water 1,5l Pet (1X6) film 9684
Natural Mineral Water 2l Pet (1X6) film 12664
Natural Mineral Water 1l Glass (1X12)cartonbox 121250
Natural Mineral Water 5 l Pet (1X2) cartonbox 10272
Natural Mineral Water 10 l Pet (1X2) cartonbox 20240
Natural Mineral Water 10 l (1X2) crtbox Cooler 202040
Sparkling Mineral Water 0,33l Glass(1X6) film 26252
Sparkling Mineral Water 0,33l Pet (1X6) film 26360
Sparkling Mineral Water 0,5l Pet (1X6) film 36252
Sparkling Mineral Water 1l Glass(1X12)cartonbox 121250
Sparkling Mineral Water 1 Pet (1X6) film 96125
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