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Research and Development for carbonated “Energy type” drinks

The service includes the following:

1. Matching or development from scratch (concept development) of the beverage recipe, according to customer’s needs and/or specification
2. Product laboratory testing (shelf life testing, QC requirements)
3. Legislation control for the market of placement
4. Cost analysis for raw materials
5. Up to 4 reformulations of initial recipe to achieve desired attributes.
6. Suggested production process
7. Preparation of samples
8. Full documentation (application sheets, technical data sheets, certificates of analysis etc.) of the beverage compound/s and the final product (RTD)
The cooperation will be conducted with confidentiality and an appropriate “Non disclosure Agreement” will be signed by the two parties, upon acceptance of the current offer.

A strong Research and Development Department

As a leading producer of beverages in Europe, we pay particular attention to the inattentiveness and comprehensiveness of the selection of beverages we offer.

Our specialists are able to produce nearly any recipe of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Due to their experience and creativity, each year sees the creation of several hundred new recipes, the majority of which end up on store shelves worldwide.


New recipes and analyses

Our specialists at the R&D Department do more than just create new recipes; they also perfect existing ones and conduct detailed sensory and microbiological analyses.

They also modify ingredients and labels to conform with constantly changing legal regulations, they create new descriptions of products and help clients submit them to the GIS. Our team provides support in commissioning studies of the chemical composition and characteristic parameters of a given product.




We are not afraid of novelties. We offer our partners innovative and interesting flavors, combining the advantages of various product categories.

We are experienced in creating product conceptions using the interface of two or more different beverage categories. We mix juices with energy drinks, fortified energy drinks with vitamin dietary supplements, and we also create recipes based on the flavors of popular drinks and more. We offer our clients innovative drinks with fruit pulp, functional products of various kinds and the increasingly popular low-alcoholic drinks: alcopop and cider.



Water Quality

Our beverage bottling plant is equipped with a water treatment station and possesses its own deep-well intake.
The water supply system is based on reverse osmosis (RO). Importantly, it is able to efficiently regulate the hardness of the water, depending on recipe requirements for the beverages being produced (0°DH – 6°DH).

The saturation process follows the American system – finished beverages are carbonated independently on all lines.

We are a global beverage, Trade & Transportation business recognizing the need for technical innovation in the beverage industry, EUROPA PL specializes in the technical side of beverage development. Our insistence on setting the highest standards for research, quality, and client support has made EUROPA PL a trend-setting force. EUROPA PL unique, collaborative approach to client relationships sets it apart in a competitive industry.
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How we can help you?