Skye Energy Drink

Skye Energy Drink began in the UK in 2012 and are now being exclusively distributed in the United States and Canada by Pure Products Inc. We found that many cheaper Energy Drinks are just clones of other Energy Drinks and this is something we wanted to change about the Energy Drink market. We came up with a brand new drink that is blue in color and tastes unlike any other drink. Of course, the big question is why yet another energy drink, when there are so many choices for energy drinks? Our answer is simple. Better Taste, Better Quality, Better Value and Better Innovation. Better Taste as we use a special formula this very distinctive from other energy drinks. Even our blue color lends itself to a one of a kind identity Better Quality because , whether your customers prefer regular or sugar free, we use only the best ingredients available without over-energizing the product. Better Value for you and your customers. We believe we have the lowest price point of any of the competitors and that will have a great impact on the product flying off the shelves. Depending on the volume of purchase, the cost to your clients could be the lowest in the industry per 8.4 ounce can. Our agreements with consultants and spokespeople are on a percentage of each can sold. Better Innovation because not only do we sell the product in cans but we offer the ability to sell from our personalized fountain dispensers (this may be a first in energy drink marketing). We are committed to growing the brand and giving back at the same time. We have special programs designed for this. We would like to work with you to provide your clients with a top brand that is destined to break all sales records in a very short time. The popularity of energy drinks is growing rapidly. Our alternative is not only better but it will cost your company and your clients dramatically less than the cost from the major competitor.


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